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Eurostars Cold Room Refrigeration Condensing Units Serve For Global Cold Chain Logistics Market

The global cold chain logistics market is expected to grow to $801.26 billion by 2030.


Introduction of Common Refrigerating Medium or Secondary Refrigerant

In air conditioning engineering, industrial production and scientific experiments, the refrigeration device is used to indirectly cool the cooled objects, or the cold amount produced by the refrigeration device is transported over a long distance. An intermediate substance is needed to be cooled in the evaporator, and then it is used to cool the cooled objects. This intermediate substance is called the secondary refrigerant or refrigerating medium.


Analysis For Copper Price Increased

Copper mine supply has grown less than 2% annually since 2013, and rising energy prices have likely boosted demand for copper, while also increasing the cost of copper production. Electric vehicle sales surge 160% in 2021, driving copper demand higher. China's economic recovery in late 2020 and early 2021 may also be driving copper prices. Copper has risen 125% since its lows in March 2020 and is one of the commodities that has set new records prices since the the Covid-19 pandemic.


Notes for Design of Large-scale Cold Storage

How to determine the volume of cold storage?


Basic Knowledge Of Modular Air Handling Units With Multi Functions

It is an air treatment equipment assembled from various air treatment functional sections. Suitable for air conditioning systems with resistance pressure greater than 100Pa. Eurostars AHU functional sections include such as air mixing, equalization, filter, coil, primary and secondary heating, de-humidification, humidification, supply air, return air, water spray, noise reduction, and heat recovery, etc.


How to Use Cold Storage Correctly in Summer?

As the temperature continues to rise, the demand for cold storage also gradually increased. When using cold storage in summer, because the machinery and equipment in the refrigeration system are in high load operation, if we do not pay attention to maintenance when using cold storage, it is easy to cause the shortening of the service life of cold storage. Therefore, the correct use at ordinary times can greatly prolong the life of cold storage.


What is the difference between R404A and R507 refrigerant?

Refrigerant is the blood of the refrigeration system and is also called Freon in many places. It is an industrial substance that continuously circulates in the refrigeration system and realizes refrigeration through its own state changes. The refrigerant evaporates by absorbing the heat of the cooling medium (water or air, etc.) in the evaporator, and condenses by transferring the heat to the surrounding air or water in the condenser.


What Are the Common Problems in Cold Storage Maintenance?

First, what are the common problems in general cold storage maintenance? 1. Cold storage due to poor insulation or sealing performance, resulting in large cold loss 2. The frost on the surface of the cold storage evaporator is too thick or the dust is too much, and the heat transfer effect decreases


Installation Instructions For Refrigeration Units

Chiller, heat pump, packaged air conditioner, cold room refrigeration condensing units are widely used in different fields, is there any important points needing pay enough attention to before installing them?


How to Adjust the Relative Humidity of Fruit and Vegetable Cold Storage?

The regulation of relative humidity in cold storage is not a simple problem, which is related to the water content of fruits and vegetables stored in cold storage, but also indirectly affects the freshness and life activities of fruits and vegetables.