Cold Room Condensing Units Installed In Indonesia

Project details:

Indonesia customer wants to adopt condensing units and air coolers for their starred hotel kitchen project. There are total 14 cold rooms, divided into 4 freezer rooms requiring room temp. -20℃, and 10 chiller rooms requiring room temp. 0~5℃, for storage of meat, fish, vegetables, wet garbage, wine, Sushi, etc. Customer required environmental friendly refrigerant, power supply 380V-3PH-50HZ.  



Considering customer’s required cold room temperature, we recommended air cooled split type condensing units with Copeland scroll compressor, separated air cooler evaporators, separated controller cabinets and Danfoss expansion valves. Through our engineering evaluation and calculation work, we adopt 4 units 3HP condensing units and 6 units 4HP condensing units with room temp. range -5~5℃, 2 units 4HP condensing unit and 2 units 5HP condensing unit with room temp. Range -18~-20℃, all are refrigerant R404A, with Dixell controllers. Details are as following:

Condensing units model: ESSA-03NJSGY, 04NJSGY, 04NKSGY, 05NKSGY

Air cooler/evaporator model: EST-6.3JS, 9.5JS, 6.3KS

Relevant cooling capacity: 5.74KW, 7.79KW, 4.14KW,5.93KW

Compressor: Copeland scroll compressor

Refrigerant: R404A

Power supply: 380V/3PH/50HZ


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