Freezing chicken cold storage in Maldives

Freezing chicken cold storage in Maldives


Freezing chicken storage basic information:


(1) Cold storages size: 9m (length)*2.7m (height)*2.5m (width)

(2) Temperature: initial -8 degree centigrade, final required-18 degree centigrade

(3) Required time: 30 hours

(4) Power supply and refrigerant: 380V-3phase-50HZ; R404a

(5) Storage: 800 cases chicken meat, an average of 10kg per case



-Air cooled condensing unit with Copeland compressor: 2 units ESSA-08NKTGY (ZFI36KQE)

- Ceiling Mounted Typical Type cold room evaporator: 2 units EST-11.6KS

- Thermal expansion valve, condensing unit controller

- Accessories for machine installation: refrigerant, refrigerant oil, copper pipe, copper elbow, copper connection, copper tee, U type copper tube, check valve, insulation pipe, etc

-120 mm PU panelwith 0.326 mm steel two sides color plate, B2 fire retardant

-1×2 m sliding door.

-Accessories: silicone gel, foaming materials, plastic profiles, steel profiles, 3mm anti-skidding check plate, etc

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