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Ceiling Mounted Water Defrosting Type

Ceiling Mounted Water Defrosting Type air cooler(evaporator),which been widely used for some special cold storage where electrical defrosting is prohibited or where quick defrosting is required. There are 3 series based on different cold storage temperature: EST-JSS, cold storage temperature around 0℃ ; EST-KSS, cold storage temperature around -18℃;EST-XSS, cold storage temperature around -25℃.

  • Temperature: -18 ℃ and -33℃
  • Capacity: 36÷106KW
  • Defrosting mode: water defrost
  • Air flow:7000÷30000CMH
  • Air throw:12÷18meters
  • Power supply: 380V/3Ph/50Hz,other kinds of power supply is optional
  • Stainless steel casing: optional
  • Long air throw air duct: optional
  • Explosion-proof motor: optional
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Ceiling Mounted Water Defrosting Type air cooler(evaporator) with steel plate coating casing, corrosion-proof, attractive appearance; Aluminum fins around mechanically expanded copper tube make the coil with high efficiency heat exchange; With water defrosting resulted in high defrosting efficiency and quick defrosting speed.

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