Air Cooled Modular Heat Pumps & Cassette Fan Coils For Hungary

Project details:

Hungary customer requires air conditioning and terminals for their factory office building. They want to replace existing cooler that is old technology running with R407 type liquid gas and expect a new A/C cooler for a 6 floor office building of 3000㎡. Client pay the most attention to are the AC system energy saving and stable operation.



Considering energy saving, simply installation, easy operating and cost save optimization, we adopt air cooled heat pump, with modular control, total 3 units heat pumps (1 master unit + 2 units slave units) with refrigerant R410A and 36 units cassette fan coils (with 4 way, drainage pump and remote controller) as below:

Model: ESSA-45HP

Cooling capacity: 132KW

Heating capacity: 148KW

Compressor: Danfoss high efficiency scroll compressor

Refrigerant: R410A

Power supply: 380V/3PH/50HZ

Condenser: Blue finned tube

Cassette fan coil unit model: EST600C2, EST800C2, EST1200C2

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