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Cassette Fan Coil Unit

Ceiling cassette fan coil units are for false ceiling cassette installation, with panel visible, can be one way, four way or multi way air discharge. Cassette fan coil units are designed for air conditioning application in the shop, supermarket, restaurant, hotel and commercial office. Available for infrared remote controller or wired controller. With high lift drainage pump to drain condensate water, inside float switch to prevent leaking.

  • Cooling capacity: 1.8 ÷ 12.6 KW (2-pipe)
  • Heating capacity: 2.7 ÷ 18.9 KW (2-pipe)
  • 2 pipes system; 4 pipes system
  • Cooling and Heating
  • ABS panel, auto swing
  • Finger guard optional to prevent injury
  • Fresh air can be input from outside is optional
  • DC motor option
  • Mod-bus device option
  • Power loss memory function option
  • Unit external body insulation option
  • Water valve installed option
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Ceiling cassette fan coil units feature with one, four or surround air flowing, low noise running, efficient and energy saving, easy installation and operation. Cassette fan coils adopt “C” type heat exchanger made of quality copper tubes, efficient hydrophilic aluminium, in order to maximize heat transfer and exchange efficiency. Cassette fan coils are available with large diameter centrifugal fan for super silent operation, large air flow, with minimum thickness body can be installed in a limit ceiling.

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