30tons ALOE VERA Cod Storage in Mexico

ALOE VERA cod storage information:

  • Cold storages size: 12m(L) x6 m(W)x3m(H)
  • Required room temperature: room temperature should be maintained 0 degrees, 30,000 kgs of product are storage in barrels of 200 Lt. each one 150  barrels of plastic material in a plastic bag material ,the product initial temperature is 15 C and the end is 0 C, need 48 hrs to do the job.
  •  Power supply and refrigerant: 460V-3phase-60HZ; R404a
  • Ambient temperature: 36 degree centigrade
  • Storage: 30tons of ALOE VERA


  • Copeland compressor condensing unit (air cooled): 1 unit ESSA-13NJTGY (ZB95KQE)
  • Cold room evaporator: Ceiling Mounted Typical Type: 2 units EST-15.2JS
  • Thermal expansion valves and room temperature controller.
  • Cold room 100mm panels, sliding doors, and installation accessories.

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