Central Air Conditioner Solution For Portugal Customer

Project requirements: 

Required cooling air in summer and heating air in winter for Portugal customer’s workshops use.



Considering easy installation and not very cold in winter, we suggest our standard air source heat pump, cooling and heating, and our customer company mainly manufacture electronics, we adopt rotary wheel heat recovery inside AHU, and EC fan motor for energy saving, 100% fresh air conditions.


(1)Air source heat pump, monoblock type

Model: ESSA-25HN

Cooling capacity 66KW, heating capacity 74KW

Refrigerant R404A

Power supply 380V/3PH/50HZ

High efficient tube in shell water side heat exchanger

Hydrophilic aluminium finned tube source side heat exchanger


(2)100% Fresh AHU, floor standing type

Model: EST10MU6

Double panel with PU thickness 25 mm

G4 pre-filter section, F8 medium filter section

Cooling/heating section with SS water pan

EC supply fan and exhaust fan

Rotary wheel heat recovery

Digital controller, with proportional valve

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