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Modular AHU

Modular Air Handling Units are composed of several sections to meet different demands in different fields, mainly inlcude mixing section, pre-filter section, cooling coil section, eliminator section, electrical heating section, humidifying section, fan motor section, diffusing section, medium filter section, supply air section, and by pass section, heat recovery section (plate and rotary type) are also optional. Modular AHUs are widely applications in commercial fields, such as hotel, theatre, shopping mall, office building, etc., also the air conditioning requirements of different industries, such as electronics, chemical fiber, textile, cigarette, pharmacy, mdeical, cleaning shops, food, etc.

  • Rated air flow: 4000 ÷ 50000 CMH
  • Sensible cooling capacity: 26 ÷ 348 KW (4 rows)
  • Sensible cooling capacity: 32 ÷ 433 KW (6 rows)
  • 4 rows; 6 rows; 8 rows (optional); Insulation thickness: 50 mm
  • External Static Pressure: 600Pa~800Pa
  • Fins per inch: 8, 10, 12; Stainless steel water tray
  • Stainless steel frame option; Heat exchanger anti-corrossion option
  • Full fresh air conditions option (fresh air bend option, fresh electrical damper option)
  • Variabel frequency fan motor option; Inverter option; EC fan without volute option
  • Three way proportional integral valve option
  • Controller with electrical cabinet option (PLC controller optional)
  • Rain-proof protector option for horizontal air supply
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Modular Air Handling Units main sections introduction:

(1) Coil section

Standard white finned tube, or hydrophilic blue finned tube heat exchanger,

Electrophoresis, coil guard coating or copper tube copper coil for anti-corrosion

(2) Heating and Humidifying section

Electrical heater, PTC heater, hot water coil, steam heating coil, electrode humidifier, wet membrane humidifier, steam humidifier, spraying humidifier

(3) Fan motor section

Centrifugal fan, high pressure fan, EC fan, plug fan without volute, stainless steel fan

(4) Drain pan

Stainless steel drain pan shaped with slight downward structure, antimicrobial drain pan

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