Water Cooled Chiller & Fan Coil & Industrial Chiller in Vietnam

Project details:

(1)Need air cooled industrial chiller for 5 SMT lines, chilled water outlet temp. 15~20℃

(2)Need cooling air supply for each post of workers in assemble lines, keep workshop temp. 25℃

(3)Workshop height is about 6 meters, but client has hanger supporting for each post

(4)Power supply for chiller 380V/50HZ/3PH, fan coil unit 220V/50HZ/1PH

(5)Refrigerant R22



(1)Air cooled industrial chiller, 10 units, ESSA-05ISTS, cooling capacity 15KW, for SMT machines.

(2)Considering Vietnam high ambient temperature, we recommend water cooled screw chiller,

ESGW-141SOS, cooling capacity 417KW, with Hanbell screw compressor, PUNP touch screen controller.

(3)Ceiling concealed fan coil unit, EST400HC2, 102 units, cooling capacity 3.6KW, Pressure 30Pa, air flow volume 680m³/h, with downward plenum box and filter.

(4)Also supply cooling tower, water pumps that used together with chiller

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