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Water Cooled Chiller(Screw Comp.-Dry Type)

Water Cooled Dry Type Screw Chillers are available with 1 or 2 independent cooling circuits depending on the cooling capacity. The well or cooling tower water cooled chillers are designed for indoor installation and are particularly suitable for medium size and large size air conditioning systems, where it is necessary to ensure excellent seasonal performance and low environmental impact, such as supermarkets, office buildings, starred hotels, etc. Water cooled screw chiller can be partial heat recovery or total heat recovery, it both supplys chilled water and hot water, hot water temp. can reach above 50℃, and improve the cooling efficiency.

  • Cooling capacity: 98 ÷ 1698 KW (R22, single compressor)
  • Cooling capacity: 197 ÷ 3395 KW (R22, twin compressors)
  • Cooling capacity: 96 ÷ 1587 KW (R407C, single compressor)
  • Cooling capacity: 193 ÷ 3174 KW (R407C, twin compressors)
  • R22, R407C, R134A
  • Hanbell screw compressor (Bitzer optional)
  • Shell and tube condenser, shell and tube evaporator (anti-corrossion option)
  • Micro-computer touch screen controller (can be remote control)
  • PLC controller optional (Siemens); Mod-Bus (RS485) interface
  • Thermal/Electronic expansion valve (Danfoss/Emerson/Sporland)
  • Heat recovery optional; Inverter optional; Special voltage optional
  • Modular chiller option
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Water Cooled Dry Type Screw Commercial Chiller main components:

(1) Strong and compact frame

(2) Semi-hermetic screw compressors

(3) Dry expansion shell and tube evaporator

(4) Shell and tube condenser

(5) Thermal or electronic expansion valve

(6) Micro-computer touch screen controller

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