Rooftop Air Conditioner For Peru Customer

Project requirements:

Required rooftop packaged air conditioner for laboratory use



Considering laboratory use, we recommended electrical heater and electrode humidifier to keep constant temperature and constant humidity, temperature control range 24℃±2℃, humidity control range 50-70%±5%, and adopted high efficient blue DX type heat exchanger with pressure-bearing copper tube for R410A, Sanyo scroll Compressor, imported Nicotra fan, ALCO expansion valve, rain-protective for outdoors installation, remote display, etc.


Model: ESSA-24WDCT

Cooling capacity: 70KW

Refrigerant: R410A

SEER: 13

Power supply: 220V/60HZ/3PH

Air flow: 12000 m³/h

Pressure: 350Pa

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