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Air Cooling Constant Temp. &Humidity Aircon

Air Cooled Constant Temp.-Humidity Type Air Conditioner is a typical DX type split air conditioner (with indoor and outdoor unit), also called Precision Air Conditioner; Unit is special designed for Data Centre Room, Computer Room, Test Laboratory, Precision Machinery, Electronic, Surface Treatment, Health Care and Biotechnology where is high demand of temperature and humidity controlling as well as purifying controlling and so on.

  • Cooling capacity: 8 ÷ 180 KW
  • Refrigerant: R22, R407C, R410A, R134A
  • Filter class: G3/G4
  • Control range: temp (18~28)℃±1℃.; humidity (50~70)%±5%
  • Compressor: Copeland/Danfoss/Sanyo scroll (screw optional)
  • Power supply (Hertz): 50HZ (60HZ optional)
  • Condenser: Finned tube condenser
  • Evaporator: Finned tube evaporator
  • Controller: Micro-computer controller
  • Throttling device: Thermal expansion valve
  • Casing structure: Double skin casing panel with PU insulation
  • Inverter (variable frequency drive) optional
  • Anticorrosion / Custom-made optional


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Air Cooled Constant Temp.-Humidity Type Air Conditioner adopts advanced flexible high-efficiency scroll compressor, which patent flexible design with low vibration noise; Adopt high efficiency fin type heat exchanger with high quality internal thread copper tube and hydrophilic blue aluminum fin; Adopt superior quality thermal expansion valve, or capillary tube as throttling device, expansion valve is high reliability and adjustability, which can realize precise refrigerant and temperature control to ensure operating in precise and reliable status; Adopt famous brand axial condenser fan, compact structure, which is accord with aerodynamic principles, runs with high efficiency and low noise; Uses forward curved centrifugal double inlet impeller wheel, impeller wheel has undergone balancing inspection and with silent and less vibration during long operation hours, thus ensuring high air discharge efficiency, direct dive motor can effectively reduce motor rotational speed and increase rotation efficiency, thus reducing unit nose level; Adopts G3/G4 filters, Electrode Type Humidifier, PTC Electric Heater ;Multi-protection device to keep units safety operation, also ensure to accurate control, high reliability and the best performance; Adopt specialized PIC(SCM)/ PLC controller can automatically sense the air conditioning load, controls each compressor loading and unloading one by one, the controller has fault alarm functions, fault recording, etc.

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