Air Handlers For Airport To North America Market

Project details:

(1)Need air handlers for three areas:

AHU Displacement Ventilation


AHU Mixing Ventilation

(2)Fan motor power supply 440V/3PH/60HZ

(3)Need to use together with heat pump

(4)Need some fresh air to mix with return air

(5)Given detailed cooling capacity, air flow for each air handlers



(1)We equip mixing section, to meet some fresh air demand

(2)Adopt Pre-filter G4, Medium efficiency filter F9 to more pure air

(3)Considering energy saving, adopting Italy NICOTRA centrifugal fan, with variable frequency motor, LS branded inverter driver.

(4)Designed to be modular AHU, double side panel with polyurethane insulation 25mm for air flow less than 23000CFM, 50mm for air flow more than 23000CFM.

(5)Hydrophilic aluminum fin around high quality copper tube, for cooling and heating, with SS201# water pan

(6)Also equip controller for air handlers, Syslab or Punp brand available; proportional valve.

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