Glycol Water Chiller and Cooling Tower for Coconut Milk Cooling in Philippines

Project Information:

(1)Required chiller cooling capacity 500~530KW based on cold liquid outlet temperature-2degrees Celsius

(2)Hanbell screw compressor dual system, refrigerant=R404, power supply=440V-3PH-60Hz

(3)Water cooling with shell and tube heat exchanger

(4)Need cooling tower and water pump to match with the chiller.



--Adopt 1 unit water cooling low temperature glycol chiller ESGW-242IDJOY

**Adopt 2 units Hanbell screw compressors

**SCM touch screen HMI

**Shell and tube condenser and Evaporator

--Cooling tower: 1unit ZLT-250T

**Round type, water flow=250CMH

**Counter flow induced type

--Water pump: client purchase from local based on chiller required water flow.

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