Packaged Air Conditioning for Fruit Process Plant in Guatemala

Project Information:

(1)Fruit processing room: 63 meters long, 16.4 meters wide and 3.71 meters high

(2)The heat load is 430KW and the room temperature needs to be kept at 20 degrees

(3)The local ambient temperature can reach 40 degrees, and the selection can be designed according to 35 degrees

(4)Environmental refrigerant (R407C or R410A)

(5)The outdoor unit and the indoor unit are on the same level with a distance of about 18 meters



--We offered to options, client finally chose air cooled packaged air condition.

**air cooled chiller+ air handling unit+water pump+water tank

**Air cooled packaged air conditioning

--Air cooled packaged air conditioning:

** 3 units ESSA-50QC, each cooling capacity is 145KW, R407C

**Split floor standing type, ESP=450PA

**Indoor DX AHU panel: double side with PU sandwich

**Washable pre-efficiency filter

**Circular air outlet flange to match client round type flexible air duct.

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