Condensing Unit and Evaporator for Beef and Mutton Cold Storage in USA

Project Information:

(1) Require condensing unit and evaporator for cold room to store beef and mutton

(2) Room temperature around -18 degrees Celsius

(3) Room size: Length=16meters,Width=4.5meters,Height=5meters

(4 Approximate 6000Kgs beef and mutton will be stored in the cold room per time, beef and mutton temperature less than -18 degrees Celsius before into cold room, the purpose for the cold storage is keep beef and mutton be frozen.

(5) Ambient temperature: about 30 degrees in summer, 9 degrees ~ 10 degrees in most of winter, it often rains, and the unit has to be turned on in winter

(6) Power supply and refrigerant: 220V-3phase-60HZ; R404a



--Adopt 1 unit air cooling condensing unit: ESBA-28NKOBY (with split condenser);

--Adopt 2 units evaporator:EST-25.2KS

--Control cabinet with EMERSON Dixell HMI and 2 units expansion valve.

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