Eurostars Chillers Application For Shield Tunneling Machines

1.Market development of shield tunneling machine industry

The 21st century is a century of rapid technological development. The global population has exceeded 6 billion, and the shortage of land resources has increasingly become the focus of attention of all countries. The usage of underground space will be paid more attention. Our country's tunnel construction has achieved a leap-forward development in recent years. Up to 2019, 56 cities in mainland China have a total line of 6,902 kilometers under construction. Among the 6,902 kilometers of construction lines, the underground line is 5632 kilometers, accounting for 81.6%. The annual demand for chillers in this market is estimated to be 5 million dollars.


2.Project requirements

Tunnel excavation works underground, the working environment is high, about 35~42 degrees Celsius, and the air is sultry and dusty. The operating surface of the shield machine needs to maintain a temperature of about 30 degrees. 



Through evaluating and calculating, the required cooling capacity is about 290KW. Recommend Eurostars water cooled integrated industrial chiller:


Model: ESGW-075ISON

Cooling capacity: 305KW/86.6Tons

Power supply: 380V/3PH/50HZ

Refrigerant: R407C


Chiller characteristics:

(a)Compact structure: water cooled industrial chiller is integrated with the chilled water pump, water tank, electric control box, save installation work and space on site.

(b)Stable and reliable operation, and the compressor is specially designed for high temperature resistance.

(c)ASdopt large temperature difference condenser and small flow design to solve the problem of insufficient cooling water flow for customers.

(d)Intelligent management, light touch screen microcomputer controller.

(e)Easy installation and maintenance: chiller has been filled with refrigerant and lubricating oil before leaving the factory. Customers only need to connect the inlet and outlet pipes and the power supply to operate.

(f)Match the high-efficiency condenser and evaporator produced by our own factory and branded expansion valve.


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