3600 MT Potatoes Cod Storage in Nepal

Potatoes cod storage information:

(1) Cold storages size: 30m(L) x 22 m(W),3 chambers

(2) Required room temperature: Initial pull down of temp from 30 Deg C to 15 Deg C is considered with in1 to 2 days. And subsequently cooling down to 4 Deg C in next 10 to 15 days in each chamber.

(3) Power supply and refrigerant: 380V-3phase-50HZ; R404a

(4) Ambient temperature: 43 degree centigrade

(5) Storage: 3600 MT of Potatoes



-Bitzer compressor racks condensing unit (water cooled): 1 unit ESGW-150NJR3BY (CSH6553-50)

- Cold room evaporator: Ceiling Mounted Typical Type: 6 units EST-62JS (with air duct)

- Thermal expansion valves

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