Purified Precision AC for Dust-free Electronics Factory in Viet Nam

Project Information:

(1)Temperature request: 18~22℃

(2)Humidity request:50~60%

(3)Dust-free require

(4)Prefer water cooling unit

(5)Power supply:380V-3phase-50HZ

(6)Cooling Capacity: based Eurosatrs calculation it needs 180KW



-Purified Constant Temperature and Humidity Packaged AC: 1unit ESSW-60PTFC

*Water cooling mode

*Cooling capacity:184KW


*Air filter:G4+F8

*Temperature range: 18~28℃±1

*Humidity range:50~70%±5%

-Cooling tower:1unit

-Water pump:2units, 1 use and 1 backup

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