Commercial Solutions

Buildings, such as hotels, offices, retail, banks , restaurants & bars, multi-use buildings, cinemas & theatres, hospitals & healthcare, transportation infrastructures, sport & leisure facilities, schools & universities, museums & exhibition centres, public & historical buildings ,etc, intended for commercial use absorb a significant share of the overall energy utilised within buildings overall, this due to the major impact the commercial sector exercises on economic activities, the high performance requirements associated with these buildings and the many activities that take place within them.

All these buildings need air conditioning in order to obtained a good indoor environmental quality (IEQ) essential for the proper execution of the tasks and to assure a healthy environment of the occupants.

Generally speaking, in the case of smaller buildings this can be provided by A/C units of each room, but once the building reaches a certain size it becomes cost-effective and more energy efficient to use a centralized system.This configuration normally uses “chillers-heat pumps” which are basically giant A/C units, but they work slightly differently because of their size.

Given the considerable range of technical requirements and specific applications, a wide availability of solutions for heating and cooling and maintaining ambient comfort is fundamental.

The high air exchange needs associated with such applications, as often imposed by legislation in light of the crowding within the environments being served, necessitates the application of high-efficiency heat recovery units, direct or indirect free cooling and adequate sizing of air treatment units.

The variability of the thermal loads requires flexible systems and powerful equipment, with tailor-made control and supervision systems, often centralised, both for hydronic and direct expansion solutions.

The versatility of the terminals, the attention to detail in the design of air treatment and heat recovery equipment and the efficiency of chillers and heat pumps render Eurostars the ideal partner for customers, designers, architects, and seeking advanced HVAC solutions for commercial applications.