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Shell and Tube Condenser

Shell and Tube Condenser, is widely used indifferent area, especially in refrigeration industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry,energy industry, etc.

  • Capacity:3÷ 1500TR
  • Available Refrigerant: R22, R404A,R134a,R407C,R410A
  • Standard Material: copper pipe(tube), seamless steel pipe(shell)
  • Custom-made: Optional
  • Heat Exchange Tube: copper nickel alloy tube, aluminum brass tube, or stainless steel tube are optional
  • Shell: stainless steel tube is optional



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Shell and Tube Condenser adopt high efficiency cooper tube and high quality seamless steel tube to guarantee its quality; adopting superior external thread copper tube to ensure high heat exchange efficiency, compact volume and light weight; Gas tightness testing under air pressure 2.4Pa before delivery to ensure quality; Equipped with safe fusible plug to ensure safe through automatical melt and depressurization when liquid reach specific temperature in shell; Condenser end cap equipped water discharge device to avoid tube damage caused by water into ice at cold weather.


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