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Shell and Tube Evaporator

Shell and Tube Evaporator, is widely used indifferent area, especially in refrigeration industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry,energy industry, etc.

  • Capacity:4÷ 1000TR
  • Available Refrigerant: R22, R404A, R134a, R407C, R410A
  • Standard Material: copper pipe(tube), seamless steel pipe(shell)
  • Custom-made: Optional
  • Heat Exchange Tube: copper nickel alloy tube, aluminum brass tube, or stainless steel tube are optional
  • Shell: stainless steel tube is optional
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Shell and Tube Evaporator adopt high efficiency cooper tube and high quality seamless steel tube to guarantee its quality; They are designed and produced strictly accorded with the National Standard and supervised under the National authority, inner copper pipe is high efficient grooved type, been tested under the air pressure and water pressure, with 2.8MPa for shell and 1.25MPa for pipes and safety devices are equipped to assure safety for high temperature and pressure

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