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Ceiling Floor Fan Coil Unit

Ceiling floor fan coil units can be both ceiling suspended or wall mounted installation and floor standing installation. Features with elegant decorative design can be applied for bureaux, business building, superstore, hotel, hospital, bank, apartment and amusement place.

  • Cooling capacity: 2.7 ÷ 12.6 KW
  • Heating capacity: 4.05 ÷ 18.9 KW
  • 2 pipes system
  • Cooling and Heating
  • Auto swing
  • Infrared remote controller
  • Wired controller option
  • Mod-bus device option
  • Water valve inside option
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Ceiling floor fan coil units continuously exchanges the indoor air with cool & heat supplied by chiller system, in order to adjust the room temperature and humidity. Fan coils adopt forward-pitched low-speed centrifugal fan with wide impellers, can supply air vertically in a 70° range and horizontally in a 100° range, feature with high efficient hydrophilic blue heat exchanger and fexible installation.

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