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Floor Standing Vertical AHU

Floor Standing Vertical Air Handling Units can be floor mounted indoors or outdoors installation, with unit chassis be processed by hot dipping for anti-corrsion, are constituted of frame, insulation panel (standard 25 mm insulation thickness), pre-efficiency filter G3, cooling and heating coil, imported fan and branded motor. Rated air flow ranges from 3000 CMH to 25000 CMH. AHUs are widely applied in commercial fields, such as hotel, theatre, shopping mall, office building, etc., also can meet the air conditioning requirements of different industries, such as electronics, chemical fiber, textile, cigarette, pharmacy, mdeical, food, etc.

  • Cooling capacity: 18.7 ÷ 169.5 KW (4 rows)
  • Heating capacity: 26.1 ÷ 236.3 KW (4 rows)
  • Cooling capacity: 24.3 ÷ 203.6 KW (6 rows)
  • Heating capacity: 31.5 ÷ 263.4 KW (6 rows)
  • Total pressure: 300Pa~400Pa
  • Fins per inch: 8, 10, 12
  • Stainless steel water tray; Stainless steel frame option
  • 8 rows option; Full fresh air conditions option
  • Heat exchanger anti-corrossion
  • Variabel frequency fan motor option; Inverter option
  • Three way proportional integral valve option
  • Controller with electrical cabinet option; Electrical heater option
  • Rain-proof protector option for horizontal air supply
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Floor Standing Vertical Air Handling Units main compoents features:

(1) Aluminum Alloy Framework

The unit adopts aluminum alloy framed structure,with a firm structure and excellent mechanical intensity,good air tightness; whole frame are easily assembled and reassembled, which is easy for big machine be assembled at site.

(2) Double Sandwich Panel

The panel is equipped with double sandwich buffer panelling fixed to the frame with a panel-holder to avoid any risk of seepage.

(3) Fan and Motor

The fan is forward or back-wheel curved centrifugal type with dual-suction and is statically and dynamically balanced after assemble to ensure quite and high efficiency. The motor is air-cooled hermetic 3-phase asynchronous type or external rotor type,which has higher reliable and longer lifetime;optimized design makes the motor more efficient and energy saving.

(4) Heat Exchanger(coil) & Water Pan

All coils are optimized and designed with professional software so that they can meet all kinds of typical condition with limited pressure drops. Stainless steel water tray features V structure to allow water easy to drain.

(5) Filter

Standard filter is aluminum mesh filter,with double-layer aluminum mesh interlaying nylon net suits for the low requirement for filter. Wide choice of fiilters for reducing pressure drops and increasing the lifespan.

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