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Air Cooled Chiller(Screw Comp.-Dry Type)

Air Cooled Dry Type Commercial Screw Chiller has widely capacity, Chiller can work on the conditions of ambient temperature ranges from 15 ℃to 43 ℃, chilled water temperature ranges from 5 ℃to 20 ℃, which are widely used for air conditioning fields (often called commercial water chiller), such as in hotel, theater, office building, supermarket, schools, etc.

  • Cooling capacity: 75 ÷ 700 KW
  • Refrigerant: R22, R407C, R134A
  • Compressor: Hanbell screw (Bitzer optional)
  • Power supply (Hertz): 50HZ (60HZ optional)
  • Condenser: Finned tube condenser
  • Evaporator: Dry shell and tube evaporator
  • Controller: Micro-computer controller (PLC controller optional)
  • Throttling device: Thermal/ Electronic expansion valve
  • Inverter (variable frequency drive)/Stepless regulating optional
  • Anticorrosion/Split type /High voltage/Explosion proof are optional
  • Heat recovery/Cloud services for remote control are optional
  • Modular system/Custom-made are optional
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Air Cooled Dry Type Commercial Screw Chiller adopts advanced high efficient double screw compressor, featuring a patented design of unsymmetrical 5:6 rotors and screw rotors are precisely installed with roller bearings; Special”V”or”M” shaped design, inner grooved patent saw tooth design and aluminum fin guarantee high efficient heat exchange between the air side exchanger and ambient air; Dry type shell and tube evaporator with efficient inner grooved copper tubes as the heat exchanging medium, the heat exchanger greatly enhances heat transfer between the water and refrigerant, thus lowering power consumption and operation cost; Adopt micro computer touch screen controller, the temperature fluctuation of outlet chilled water can be as precise±0.1℃,in addition, various sensors in the system can promptly transmit accurate signals and data to the controller for timely system protection and more reliable operation(PLC controller is optional);Multi- levels of password protection can prevent outsiders from messing up the system by mistake, thus ensuring safe and reliable unit operation, Multiple protection features ensure safe unit operation; Heat recovery is optional, client can choose partial heat recovery or total heat recovery, maximum hot water can reach 60℃which improve efficiency about 5%~10% during heat recovery.

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