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Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater (Scroll Comp.)

Hot Water Heat Pump(Air Source Scroll Compressor) consists of famous brand compressor, electric controlling components, high efficiency condenser and evaporator, etc. With a widely capacity used for air conditioning fields (often called commercial water chiller), such as in hotel, theater, office building, supermarket, schools, etc.

  • Heating capacity: 7 ÷ 140 KW
  • Hot water temp.: 45℃~55℃
  • Compressor/Refrigerant: Copeland /R407C
  • Operating Limits:-25℃~43℃
  • Power supply (Hertz): 50HZ (60HZ optional)
  • Water side HE: Tube in shell type
  • Source side HE: Finned tube type
  • Controller: Micro-computer controller
  • Throttling device: Electronic expansion valve
  • Four-way valve: Sanhua/OKAYAMA SEIKO
  • Anticorrosion/ Modular system/Custom-made optional
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Hot Water Heat Pump(Air Source Scroll Compressor) adopts advanced high efficiency compressor, equipped with high efficiency condenser and evaporator and other imported components to realize high EER; Multi-protection device to keep units safety operation, also ensure to accurate control, high reliability and the best performance; Heat pumps adopt SCM micro computer control, can operate via centralized manage system.

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