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Water Cooled Industrial Chiller(Scroll Comp.)

Water Cooled Scroll Industrial Chillers have two types: cabinet type and open type (without cabinet), suitable for indoor installation. Water to water scroll chillers are widely used for industrial refrigeration fields, such as plastic industry, electronic industry, electroplating industry,  mechanical industry, building industry, vacuum coating, food industry, chemical fiber industry,  etc. Industrial water cooled scroll chiller has a widely capacity, chilled water temp. from 5℃ to 20℃. Multi functions protection ensure to accurate control, high reliability and the best performance.

  • Cooling capacity: 10.4 ÷ 200.6 KW (R22)
  • Cooling capacity: 10.15 ÷ 199.12 KW (R407C, R410A)
  • R22, R407C, R410A, R134A
  • Copeland scroll compressor (Danfoss/Sanyo optional)
  • Shell and tube condenser
  • Shell and tube evaporator (Coil in tank/Plate evaporator optional)
  • Micro-computer controller (PLC controller optional)
  • Thermal expansion valve (Danfoss/Emerson)
  • Inbuilt water pump optional (CNP)
  • Inbuilt water tank optional
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Water Cooled Scroll Industrial Chillers consist of famous brand compressor, high quality expansion valve, electric controlling components, high efficient shell and tube type condenser, shell and tube type/plate type (coil in tank type) evaporator, etc. Scroll chillers feature with compact structure, elegant appearance, sufficient cooling capacity, high efficiency and maintenance easily. Industrial chiller is widely applied in the industrial fields, such as daily chemical, electronics, food processing, pharmacy, injection molding, .etc.

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