Air Cooled Industrial Chillers For Norway Land And Ship Use

Project details:

Customer wants to adopt air cooled industrial chillers to cool down the prim ozone generators that they supply for ship owners. There are two types power supply, the voltage is 230V single phase, 50Hz and in larger systems in ships, it can variate from 380V-440V/3 phase 50/60Hz. Customer requires add a small transformer in 440V 3 phase systems into control board 220V. Circulating water to cool down ozone generators is fresh clean water, no corrosive to chiller system. All inbuilt chilled water pumps need enlarge to at least 30 meters lift. Customer also requires to control chiller on/off through remote by their PLC, and our chiller alarm signal can be output to their PLC controller.



Considering customer’s landing use or ship use in a dry working area inside the vessel, our chiller adopts standard coating that can endure the environment, and adopt high efficient plate heat exchanger, with refrigerant R410A which is suitable for European countries use. Chillers are designed with alarm light, can output alarm signal to customer PLC controller through intermediate relay, chiller controller can be remote controlled ON/OFF thought remote terminal connecting with customer PLC. We also add fan speed regulator considering chiller working with low ambient temp. in winter.

Specifications are as following:

Chiller model: ESSA-01ISSP, ESSA-02ISSP, ESSA-03ISTP

Cooling capacity (1): 3.4KW, 7KW, 11.3KW with 60HZ, ambient temp. 25℃, chilled water temp. 10℃

Cooling capacity (2): 2.99KW, 6.1KW, 9.6KW with 50HZ, ambient temp. 25℃, chilled water temp. 10℃

Compressor: Panasonic scroll compressor

Refrigerant: R410A

Power supply: 220V/1PH/50 and 60HZ; 400V/440V/3PH/50 and 50HZ

Evaporator: Brazed plate

Condenser: Blue fins with copper tubes


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