Air Cooled Screw Inverter Chiller Designed For Kenya Plastics Plant

Project details:

Kenya customer wants to equip industrial chiller for their 2 HDPE 300kg per hour lines and 2 PPR lines 300kg, total 1200Kg, they have a tank with 75 meters cubic, required chilled water outlet temp. 12℃, ensure enough cooling efficiency, working ambient temp. maximum is 25℃. Bitzer compressor is prior choice, and to save energy, they prefer to VFD(variable frequency driver) with Siemens PLC controller.   



Considering inadequate water source at client’s factory location, and easy installation, we suggest air cooled screw chiller, and as it is low ambient temp., we adopt fan condensing pressure switches for axial fans, and suggest Invt. branded VFD, with frequency range 25~50HZ, with Siemens PLC touch screen controller, Siemens control module. We calculate the required chiller cooling capacity based on plastic weight, plastic type, plastic injection temp. and moulding temp., specific heat, safety factor:

Model: ESGA-89ISTN

Cooling capacity: 338KW

Compressor:Bitzer high efficiency semi-hermetic screw compressor

Refrigerant: R407C

Power supply: 415V/3PH/25~50HZ

VFD: Invt. Brand

Controller: Siemens PLC touch screen controller

Condenser: Blue finned tube

Evaporator: Shell and tube


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