Air Cooled Industrial Chiller For Yemen Customer

Project requirements:

Required industrial chiller supply chilled water to cool down machinery



Customer required chiller supply 5~15℃ chilled water to their tube mills machine. Considering the water from machine tank has little oil, can not be entered into our chiller directly, water to water gasket heat exchanger becomes necessary. Data for gasket heat exchanger: hot side: water in/out 30C/20C, water flow 18m³/h; cold side: water in/out 18C/20C.


Chiller model: ESSA-50IDTS

Cooling capacity: 146KW

Refrigerant: R22

Power supply: 400V/50HZ/3PH


Gasket heat exchanger model: ES100B-56H

Plate matrial: SS 304

Gasket: EPDM


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