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Packaged Air Conditioning for Pharmacy Factory In Argentina

(1)Air flow: 3,000 m3 / h,Return flow: 2400 m3 / h, Outdoor air flow: 600 m3 / h (2)Total pressure: 800 Pa (3)Serpentine direct expansion of 15,000 frig / h

Air Cooled Screw Inverter Chiller Designed For Kenya Plastics Plant

Kenya customer wants to equip industrial chiller for their 2 HDPE 300kg per hour lines and 2 PPR lines 300kg, total 1200Kg, they have a tank with 75 meters cubic, required chilled water outlet temp. 12℃...

Condensing Units & Evaporators for Chicken Cold Storage in Mexico

(1) Cold storages size: 19m(L) x13.5m(W) x 3 m(H),Room Qty=12 (2) Required room temperature: -2 degrees Celsius, chicken temp before into the cols room 10 degrees Celsius

Direct Expansion Air Handling Units For Korean Project

Customer wants to equip direct expansion AHUs and chilled water AHUs for ex-proof outdoors air conditioners with ex-proof compressor for offshore project...

Air Cooled Seawater Chiller For Chile Customer

Chile customer wants to cool the water in their salt water tank where keep king crabs alive before being exported. Usually the water there is between 15 ℃ and 20 ℃, he requires to be able to lower the water temperature down to 1℃ for a water about 25,000 liters at first. Seawater flow about 5000 l/h, with a digital temperature control and the appropriate probes to install in the pools...

Industrial Water Chillers for Plastic Factory in Tanzania

(1)Cold water temperature request: 10~15℃ (2)Cooling capacity:280KW (3)Air cooling mode (5)Power supply:415V-3phase-50HZ

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Installed In Suriname

Suriname customer has own hatchery, they have 7 breeding rooms and 2 batch rooms. Customer requires chilled water to cool down the 1800 liters water that enters into the incubation machines...

Purified Precision AC for Dust-free Electronics Factory in Viet Nam

(1)Temperature request: 18~22℃ (2)Humidity request:50~60% (3)Dust-free require (4)Prefer water cooling unit

Air Cooled Modular Heat Pumps & Cassette Fan Coils For Hungary

Customer requires air conditioning and terminals for their factory office building. They want to replace existing cooler that is old technology running with R407 type liquid gas and expect a new A/C cooler for a 6 floor office building of 3000㎡. Client pay the most attention to are the AC system energy saving and stable operation...

200 Tons Potatoes Cod Storage in Georgia

(1) Cold storages size: 18m(L) x 9.4 m(W)x3.05m(H) and 15m(L) x 9.4 m(W)x3.05m(H) (2) Required room temperature: room temperature should be maintained + 2 + 5 degrees, initial temperature is 7-10 degrees

Air Cooled Bitzer Condensing Units & Evaporators For Peru Company

Customer requires refrigeration condensing unit and evaporators for their enabling tunnel chambers and finished products chamber. Inside the enabling tunnel chambers, there are ham cars, sausage pallets, required cooling from 60℃ down to 20℃, total; there will be ham and sausage insides the finished product chamber, required from 6~7C to 0~4C...

Vegetables Keep Fresh Cod Storage in Kuwait

(1) Cold storages size: 12 x 15 x 5 m (2) Required room temperature: 3~4 degree centigrade (3) Power supply and refrigerant: 415V-3phase-50HZ; R404a
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