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Eurostars Held a Special Meeting on Quality Work

Eurostars Held a Special Meeting on Quality Work

On November 22th, we held a special meeting on quality work. Vice general manager, quality department, sales department, technical center and head of each production line attended the meeting.
The meeting comprehensively sorted out the recent quality work and found out the existing problems and deficiencies. It is pointed out that quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, maintains the brand image of the enterprise, and is the key element of the core competitiveness of the enterprise. All cadres and staff should unite and strive for perfection, adhere to the road of quality development, and form a new competitive advantage with technology, brand, quality and reputation as the core.
The meeting stressed that the importance of quality work should be further recognized and the attitude of zero tolerance of quality defects should be taken into account to do a good job in quality management.
First, institutional implementation must be serious and sustained. To constantly improve quality management rules and regulations, the system throughout the whole process of production, strictly in accordance with the implementation of the system. Select raw materials strictly according to process requirements, and adopt special inspection standards for all kinds of products.
Second, conscientiously sort out quality problems, analyze and sort out operational preventive system, and to be implemented.
Third, Seriously think about how to meet the special products, important product process production under the current conditions, not only to strictly follow the scientific and reasonable management procedures of research and development, production, but also to constantly find a breakthrough to improve product quality in the exploration.
Fourth, managers at all levels should enhance the awareness of quality management, conscientiously do a good job of the "quality month" work, further improve the mechanism, clear responsibility, innovative measures, constantly strengthen the quality assurance measures, quality awareness throughout the whole process of production, and strive to promote the company to achieve high-quality development.