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Eurostars Company Held Meeting of Keeping Constant Epidemic Prevention And Control Work

Eurostars Company Held Meeting of Keeping Constant Epidemic Prevention And Control Work


Recently Local cluster Delta (new variant of COVID-19) epidemic caused by overseas returnees has spread to many provinces. Last week, Eurostars company held a meeting about how to keep constant epidemic prevention and control work.


Eurostars General Manager Mr. Chen emphasized the importance of epidemic prevention and control work, all departments should actively carry out epidemic prevention and control work, esp. the production department, the production leaders should arrange the staff to inspect the routines and health status of each staff, and should make a record of staffs who have finished two times vaccinated.


There are some measurements to normalize the epidemic prevention and control work.

1.Strengthen publicity and education on epidemic prevention and control.

Make full use of publicity boards, posters, pre-work meetings, after-work meetings and other forms to carry out extensive publicity, guide employees to overcome paralyzing thoughts, relaxation mentality and fluke mentality, and effectively enhance scientific prevention awareness and improve prevention and protection capabilities.

2.Daily temperature measurement should be kept.

The project department organizes special personnel to sterilize the canteen area 3 times a day, and to sterilize the office area no less than 2 times, carry out all-round disinfection and sterilization and ventilation; organize the temperature detection of all employees twice a day to grasp the health status of the employees in real time, and find abnormalities and take measures in time.

3.Store epidemic prevention materials in tine.

Purchase masks, 75% alcohol, hand sanitizer, thermometers, protective clothing, disposable gloves and other anti-epidemic materials and daily supplies, arrange for a special person to be responsible, establish an anti-epidemic material recording, and perform real-time registration to ensure that the anti-epidemic materials are used exclusively for epidemic prevention and prevent loss, to prevent waste and prevent personal misappropriation, all records use handwritten signatures to ensure the openness, transparency and effectiveness of the epidemic prevention materials recording.

4.Strengthen the management of epidemic prevention and control at production department, warehouse department.

The production and warehouse department leader organizes the meetings to carry out epidemic prevention and control, publicizes and implements the emergency epidemic prevention and control plan, strengthens the flow control of on-site labor personnel, and regularly conducts multi-person nucleic acid testing to effectively achieve comprehensive, all-angle, and comprehensive prevention and control work with full coverage.


Finally, G.M. hope all staffs can keep fighting Delta variant virus, and insist on epidemic prevention and control, Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn Day and National Holiday is coming, we suggest try to stay in Shenzhen with families, not take long journey and wash hands, keep regular ventilation, wear masks when go outside, let’s stand together to hug a bright tomorrow.