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Eurostars Brushless DC Motor Slim Fan Coil Units Export to Portugal

Eurostars Brushless DC Motor Slim Fan Coil Units Export to Portugal

Eurostars ultra-thin(slim) brushless DC motor fan coil units export to Portugal, which will be worked together with air source heat pumps for house cooling and heating.
Our company this series slim fan coil unit adopt Panasonic DC motor (BLDC) ,high efficiency and low energy consumption; DC motor energy consumption is average less than 60% of AC motor.
Because of common AC motor is low operating efficiency, usually only 40~45% power consumption turn into kinetic energy, that means balance 55~60% energy is converted into heat, this heat may cause aging to motor components, which is harm to the motor life. DC brushless motor efficiency is always more than 80~95%, so only little energy changes to heat to prevent motor aging.
If temperature difference between room temperature and setting temperature is big: for normal AC style FCU, the fan will run under the setting speed; while the DC style will automatically run at high speed to make the room temperature to the setting temperature. When the room temperature reach the setting temperature, the AC style fan coil will stop the fan running or close the water valve, this will cause the cooling/heating cannot continue and there is temperature shock in the room; while the DC style fan coil will change its running speed according to the temperature difference between room temperature and setting temperature: if the temperature difference is big, the fan speed will be higher, and if the temperature difference is smaller ,the fan speed will be lower. This will provide you a low temperature fluctuation and more comfortable room environment.
Ultra slim design, the thickness of fan coil unit is less than an IPHONE length, so the fan coil cannot occupy too much room space. Standard design with touch screen controller and remote controller. Auto swing function is standard to balance the air flowing inside the room; easy-removable and washable filter was in-built.
For so many years, energy conservation and environmental protection have always been our goal; if you look carefully to our website or products, you will find that we have never stopped research and development, no matter terminals equipments(such as fan coils, air handlers) or refrigeration equipments(chillers, heat pumps, cold storage machines, etc).