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The Forum on Quality and Technical Management Was Successfully Held

The Forum on Quality and Technical Management Was Successfully Held

On May 26, Eurostars held the Quality and Technical Management Forum for the first and second quarters of 2021 in the conference room on the second floor. Mr. Chen, deputy general manager and acting chief engineer of the company, attended and made a speech. This meeting was held by, Mr. Xue, the deputy chief engineer, the quality and technical department, The design department, after-sales department, production department, sales department, purchasing department and other major responsible personnel attended the meeting.
Mr. Chen pointed out that the purpose of holding the quality and technical management forum was to summarize the experience and lessons of quality and technical management, so as to avoid the recurrence of similar problems, exchange good management experience, and promote the high-quality development of the company. On how to improve the quality and technical management of the company, Mr. Liu put forward seven requirements: 
First, enhance quality awareness, strengthen publicity, establish a "hundred years plan, quality first" quality awareness. 
Second, strengthen training and learning, improve the quality of technical management business ability. 
Third, innovate the idea of performance appraisal and mobilize the enthusiasm of management personnel at all levels to strengthen quality management. 
Fourth, pay attention to quality and technology disclosure, eliminate quality hidden trouble in the bud. 
Fifth, increase the use of scientific and technological means to eliminate possible quality problems. 
Sixth, strengthen the three-level quality control to prevent quality and safety accidents. 
Seventh is to strengthen the introduction and training of talents, to consolidate the company's quality management talent base.
At the meeting, the present members expressed their views and opinions, and the relevant leaders answered and commented on the quality and technical work survey issued before the meeting, and put forward opinions and suggestions for the problems existing in the survey.
Some people say, "If an enterprise wants to create a century-old brand, it must regard product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise. Since the establishment, Eurostars has always adhered to seek development by quality, win the market by quality, obtain benefit by quality. In the future, Eurostars will continue to enhance the quality awareness of employees, constantly improve the quality of products, and strive to promote the healthy development of enterprises.