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The Reasons for The Poor Refrigeration Effect of Refrigerating Equipment

The Reasons for The Poor Refrigeration Effect of Refrigerating Equipment

In industrial production, there are too many applications of refrigeration equipment, and some equipment is out of repair and maintained not enough, so the refrigeration effect is often poor. The following are several reasons for the poor refrigeration effect of refrigeration machine.
(1)Expansion valve fault
As an important part of refrigerant system of refrigeration equipment, the expansion valve bears too much. It realizes the pressure drop from condensation pressure to evaporation pressure, and also takes into account the control of refrigerant flow, which plays a great role in the operation of refrigeration system.
Low inlet pressure of refrigerating unit leads to chain shutdown. If the refrigerant quantity is normal, then the failure of the expansion valve is suspected. Blockage and freezing of the expansion valve will lead to the refrigerant cannot enter the evaporator, resulting in poor refrigeration effect. If no obvious impurities are found in the dryer of the chiller, the problem of plugging of the expansion valve is excluded.
Improper setting of the superheat of the expansion valve will also lead to abnormal work. Whether this is the reason can be determined by checking the valve opening.
(2)Evaporator fault
The evaporator is the part where the chilled water and the refrigerant exchange heat. If the shell leaks, the circulation volume will be reduced and the refrigeration effect will be worse. Through the water pressure test on the tube side of the heat exchanger, we can judge whether this is the reason.
(3)Oil separator fault
The oil separator is the device for separating oil and refrigerant in the chiller system. The working condition is relatively bad, so it should be checked or replaced periodically. The fault can be judged by observing the window of the oil separator to see whether the refrigerant contains oil.
(4)Compressor internal fault
Compressor is the core of the refrigeration system, bears the compression work, the internal structure also determines its efficiency, such as screw type, scroll type, piston type, etc., Take the screw as an example, the slide valve to adjust the volume of work can realize the change of compressor load. The failure of the slide valve will lead to abnormal work of the compressor, resulting in poor refrigeration effect.
The above four reasons can reduce the frequency of failure and prolong the life of the equipment through periodic maintenance of the refrigeration machine. There are many factors causing the refrigeration machine do not cooling, through observation, analysis, replacement and maintenance, such faults can be found and solved to ensure the safety of the operation of the refrigeration machine.