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Fresh Air Motivate The Evolution Of Air Conditioning Functions

Fresh Air Motivate The Evolution Of Air Conditioning Functions


The impact of the epidemic COVID-19 in 2021 has gradually receded, economic development has been rapidly restored, and the continuous growth of national disposable income has further strengthened the quality of life and healthy life. After the baptism of the epidemic, how air-conditioning products can meet consumers' needs for intelligence, health, and comfort is particularly urgent. The "air conditioning + fresh air" model of "reducing carbon and increasing oxygen" has become the main direction of technological advancement in the industry.


Why choose fresh air conditioners? The advantages of fresh air air conditioners are as follows:

1.Fresh air air conditioners can introduce outdoor oxygen-enriched air into the room through purification, increasing the oxygen content and freshness of the indoor air.

2.The fresh air air conditioner monitors the indoor air environment all the time, judges the comfort of each person through season recognition, indoor environment recognition, etc., and pushes different comfort modes to different people through partitioned air supply. The fresh air function can meet the needs of most consumers who cannot open doors and windows for ventilation for various reasons.


Affected by environmental factors, there is too much sand and dust weather in many parts of the country, and people are in a sub-healthy state. Fresh air air conditioners will accelerate the expansion of the market share of air conditioners.


The fresh air function has gradually become the standard configuration of air conditioners. Increasing the ventilation volume, improving the ventilation efficiency, and not requiring secondary openings have become the core competitive technologies of major brands. Although it is difficult for fresh air air conditioners and traditional fresh air fans to form a strong competitive relationship in the short term in terms of sales, the continuous enhancement of core technologies has given fresh air air conditioners a lot of space for growth.


Fresh air conditioners are currently maintaining a steady penetration trend, and it is expected that the first-line market will continue to open up in the future. Nowadays, with the continuous growth of the disposable income of Chinese residents, consumption upgrade has become the "motor" of the dual-cycle mechanism of economy. In the household air-conditioning market and the field of central air-conditioning, the vast majority of home appliance companies and their products have taken healthy products as the direction of innovation and upgrading.


In the field of air-conditioning, in addition to optimizing the temperature control function, companies have begun to pay attention to air quality, and the user needs for airflow, wind perception, and intelligence are also increasing. The "air conditioning + fresh air" model of "reducing carbon and increasing oxygen" has become one of the technological advancements of the industry. Eurostars has explored fresh air conditioning products, such as air cooled purified packaged air conditioners, isothermal and isohumidity purified air conditioners, etc. Focusing on the impact of air quality and human perception. Fresh air has gradually become a standard feature of air-conditioning products.


As far as the demand for healthy air is concerned, it is not only the needs of the current users, but also the rigid needs of the future. Health appliances are already the first choice of many consumers. Driven by the upgrading of consumption levels, people's demand for air conditioners and many other products will also greatly increase. The popularization of fresh air air conditioners can be said to be the general trend. Now the fresh air in Japan has been fully popularized. Under such a general trend, fresh air may become the standard of air conditioner products.