Blast Freezer for Cooling Fruit Juices in Guatemala

Cold storage information:

(1) Cold storages size: 7 mt x 2.5mt ( w x l ), Qty=2nos

(2) Required temperature: evaporative temperature is -34.5 degrees Celsius

(3) Power supply and refrigerant: 460V-3phase-60HZ; R404a

(4) Ambient temperature: 37.8 degree centigrade 

(5) Storage: quantity of barrels:  54 ( 55 gals each )



-Bitzer compressor racks condensing unit (air cooled): 1 unit ESBA-88NJR2BY (6FE-44Y) with separate condenser: 1 unit ES-CVT171.5

-Cold room vertical blast evaporator:1 unit EST-V370XE6

-Thermal expansion valves and room temperature controller.

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