Refrigeration Solutions For Peru Customer

Project requirements:

Required cooling air for chicken meat cold chain inside cold room. Customer required cold room temperature keep 0~5℃, cold room size (L*W*H) 8*3.7*3 meters, there will be 2300 chickens entering into the cold room by chains, and will leave 20 minutes later, with chicken weight 2.4 kg per each, chicken temp. 38℃, and decreased to 20℃ when leaving the cold room.



Through evaluating and calculating, the required cooling capacity is about 112KW. Recommend Hanbell compressor and Bitzer compressor as option, make two plans for customer choosing:


(1)Chiller + Glycol evaporators (By water system)

Air cooled screw chiller, ESGA-55ISJTY, cooling capacity 124KW, cooling only, refrigerant R404A, power supply 220V/3PH/60HZ, chilled liquid inlet/outlet temp. 2/-5C, shell tube evaporator, finned tube condenser,  micro-computer touch screen controller, propylene glycol 30%, equipped with glycol evaporators.


(2)Cold room refrigeration unit + air coolers (By refrigerant system)

Cold room condensing unit, ESGA-60NJBY, Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor, cooling capacity 111.7KW, cooling only, refrigerant R404A, power supply 220V/3PH/60HZ, room temp. 0~5C, evaporating temp. -7C, with condenser ES-CVT171.5, Danfoss expansion valve, equipped with air cooler EST33.6JT, double side air flow, room temp. Controller.

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