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Packaged Air Conditioning for Fruit Process Plant in Guatemala

(1)Fruit processing room: 63 meters long, 16.4 meters wide and 3.71 meters high (2)The heat load is 430KW and the room temperature needs to be kept at 20 degrees

Air Cooling R410A Modular Chillers for CBD Cooling in Uzbekistan

(1) Need 5 units air cooling chillers, each unit capacity is 330KW (2) Chiller for central air condition use

Air Cooled Modular Heat Pumps & Cassette Fan Coils For Hungary

Customer requires air conditioning and terminals for their factory office building. They want to replace existing cooler that is old technology running with R407 type liquid gas and expect a new A/C cooler for a 6 floor office building of 3000㎡. Client pay the most attention to are the AC system energy saving and stable operation...
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