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Commercial Chiller And Modular AHUs For Nigeria Pharmaceutical Factory

Customer wants to adopt air conditioners plan for their pharmaceutical factory, target temperature 21±2 degree Celsius, target relative humidity is 40±2%, adjustable range from 35% to 50%, need 3 stages filters, with static pressure 500~600Pa, AHU cooling capacity is 8TR, 10TR and 14TR, with relevant air volume 5000, 6000 and 11000 cubic meters per hour, which will be installed in special pharmaceutical workshop areas, all compartments should have service doors & have necessary accessories for optimum performance.

Packaged Air Conditioning for Pharmacy Factory In Argentina

(1)Air flow: 3,000 m3 / h,Return flow: 2400 m3 / h, Outdoor air flow: 600 m3 / h (2)Total pressure: 800 Pa (3)Serpentine direct expansion of 15,000 frig / h

Chiller ,Modular AHU for Pharmaceuticals Company In Latin-America

Air Cooled Chiller and Modular Air Handling Units for Pharmaceuticals Company In Latin-America

Herbs and Fruits vegetables cold storage in Ghana

(1) Cold storage size: 15m *6m*3m
(2) Cold room inside temperature: 2 degree centigrade minimum
(3) Power supply:415V-3phase-50HZ
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